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Sep 30, 2011 · Planning Your Route To OS 9: Vintage. The simplest and most direct way to run OS 9 applications is by booting into the OS natively on an older Mac such as an iBook G3 Clamshell, which can be picked up very cheaply - as in the cost of a night at the movies cheap. 2001 Macintosh Mac OS 9 9.2.1 Featuring Sherlock 2 Mac Install Software Disc CD. Pre-Owned. $125.00. Guaranteed by Mon, Jul. 29. or Best Offer. Top Rated Plus. Vintage 1999 iMac DV OS 9 v9.0 Mac Macintosh Install Software Disc CD. Pre-Owned. $49.99. Guaranteed by .

If you're planning on running the treasures of the past you'll find here on real old Macintosh hardware from the 90's, you sir/madame, deserve to win an Internet! For others, there's SheepShaver, a PowerPC emulator capable of running Mac OS 9.0.4 down to Mac OS 7.5.2 and there's Basilisk II, a 68k emulator, capable of running Mac OS (8.1 to 7.0). Site sponsor Operator Headgap Systems sells MacOS 9 and other vintage software at reasonable prices. From time-to-time MacOS 9 install CD-ROMs also will appear for sale on a variety of online auction sites as well from vendors of varying quality. Apple recommends that you install the last version that your Mac will officially support.

Feb 25, 2014 · Ok, so, a successor topic to my previous. I found out that the Imac G3 disc drive was unplugged, which is why it was not working. I burned the ISO I made of my mac discs (Because the mac discs wont work due to them being really scratched, I had to use a recovery program to make the ISO), the CD is detected from WITHIN mac OS X 10.4. Downloads - Mac OS 9 Utilities & Audio Applications Created by Alessandro Levi Montalcini, “USB Overdrive” is a driver/utility for Mac OS 9.x that handles any USB mouse, trackball, joystick and gamepad from any manufacturer and lets you configure them either globally or on a per-application basis. Hook up a 2 button mouse with scroll in OS 9!