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of educational materials to promote condom use among patients and of media activities to advertise the use of condoms for STI prevention; targeting educational programmes for those most at -risk of STI;. The virus weakens the immune system and ultimately leads to death. (Condoms may also reduce other sexually transmitted infections, but in this report we particularly focus on HIV due to its large health burden.) What is the program? Condom promotion encourages the use of condoms through education, counseling and advertising.

Abstract: Condoms are an important contraceptive method in Turkey, used by one in three couples using modern methods. However, withdrawal remains the most common form of contraception, resulting in many unwanted pregnancies. To address this issue and increase condom use in Turkey. Health Communication to Promote Condom Use. Positively influence reproductive health behaviors, including correct and consistent use of condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections This section of the Condom Use Toolkit includes resources that provide accurate information on male.