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The following article on the Canadian Army in World War 2 (Canadian Army WW2) is an excerpt from Barrett Tillman’ D-Day Encyclopedia. It is available for order now from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Too few people respect Canada’s enormous contribution to D-Day. Canadians fought as part of. 2) The world’s third largest navy by WW2’s end. By 1945, following the destruction of the Axis navies, The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) was the third largest naval force in the world after the US Navy and the Royal Navy. It was focused on convoy escort and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW).

The army expanded, and by late 1942 there were five divisions overseas, two of them armoured. In April of that year the First Canadian Army was formed in England under Lieutenant-General A.G.L. McNaughton.In contrast with the First World War, it was a long time before the army saw large-scale action.Until summer 1943 the force in England was engaged only in the unsuccessful Dieppe Raid (19. This is a list of Canadian divisions in World War II. 1st Canadian Infantry Division; 2nd Canadian Infantry Division; 3rd Canadian Infantry Division; 3rd Canadian Infantry Division (CAOF) 4th Current: 1st Canadian Division, 2nd Canadian .

P.S.: Regards the preservation of information, if you have anecdotes, photos etc that you feel might assist us in telling the story of the Canadian Soldier in WW2, and which you might like to share, we would be happy to consider putting them online at MLU, in your name. Please contact us to discuss. List of military equipment of the Canadian Army during the Second World War Jump to most of Canadian weapons and equipment during the war was imported from either Britain or the US. Standard issue knife for Canadian troops in WW2. Similar versions from different manufacturers were issued from WW1 through 1970s.