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Vaginal rugae are structures of the vagina that are transverse ridges formed out of the supporting tissues and vaginal epithelium in females. Some conditions can cause the disappearance of vaginal rugae and are usually associated with childbirth and prolapse of pelvic structures. Vaginal rugae are bumps and pleats on the surface of the vagina that function to make the organ more stretchable and elastic so that it can return to its original state after stretching out during sex or childbirth.

Aug 13, 2019 · In anatomy, “rugae” is a term which refers to the ridges formed by tissue which is naturally folded. Rugae can be found in a number of anatomical structures in the body. Rugae can be found in a number of anatomical structures in the body. Rugae is a term used in anatomy that refers to a series of ridges produced by folding of the wall of an organ.Most commonly the term is applied to the internal surface of the stomach (gastric rugae). Function The purpose of the gastric rugae is to.

Jun 08, 2005 · Figure 3 Drawing of vaginal rugae demonstrating the range of visually assessed vaginal rugae from none to maximum. RESULTS. The mean age of subjects was 56 (SD 13.8) years, the mean body mass index was 30.4 kg/m^sup 2^ (SD 7.5 kg/m^sup 2^) and the median parity was 2 (range 0-11). vaginal rugae: [TA] transverse ridges in the mucous membrane of the vagina. Synonym(s): rugae vaginales [TA], rugae of vagina.