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Undercover Brother is a 2002 American action comedy blaxploitation film directed by Malcolm D. Lee and starring Eddie Griffin. The screenplay is by Michael M. Apr 02, 2013 · Undercover Brother is supposed to be an ode to Shaft, Cleopatra Jones, and those that came before it while poking fun at some of the many idiosyncrasies of '70s Black film. Also I was pretty much begged by my boyfriend Jason to review this movie.

Undercover Brother. Anton Jackson is an African-American man who seems harmless enough on the surface, but is a secret agent in the all-black Brotherhood, an entity that levels the playing field against the all-white establishment. Partnered with the sassy, stunning Sistah Girl, our hero must first undergo the ultimate attitude adjustment and. If you’re passionate about your hobby, surely at some point you’ve thought about turning it into a professional career, and the truth is that there are many successful cases of entrepreneurship that are born from this idea: the passions of their respective creators took both Microsoft and Apple for computing, who monetized their hobbies successfully.

Undercover Brother will complement these costumes with suitable makeup disguises to further distance himself from his normal look. The most notable piece of Undercover Brother’s attire is his father’s medallion, a gold disc with an ebony fist raised in a Black Power salute in the center.