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Located: Final Fantasy X > Yuri - Female/Female Lemon with heavy emphasis on the sexual aspect, incl. yuri. YRP have (perhaps predictably) been captured. No yaoi, No epic story, I wrote it for a bit of fun really - 18/07/06 - Added Authors Notes. Read LEMONS WARNING from the story [Final Fantasy XV] Noctis X Reader [One-Shot Smut/Lemon] by Lucikat with 18,189 reads. ignis, fantasy, helpme. I don't know Reviews: 16.

May 30, 2018 · Notes: I’m back again! I’m sorry if I’m being slow, I’ve been working at my two jobs and I really have no time in between, only on my days off! ^ u ^” I’m also sorry but I’m not going to continue the ‘Ignis x Reader: Cor’s daughter story’, since I thought it sucked and my mind was everywhere with the story line, so I am sorry if you wanted me to continue it-But good news. Chapter 1: A Game of Dominance. Tidus wondered how events had led to this moment. His legs shuddered and mind went blank with the sheer disbelief he was experiencing. Here he was, tucked behind an old Luca merchant stall, sitting on a crate with his shorts around his ankles and Lulu on her knees playing with his manhood like it was a toy.

Sep 16, 2017 · Get notified when Final Fantasy X Reader Fluff & Smut is updated. I don't write lemons I'm sorry? but please enjoy the story anyway ️? Noctis x Reader x Prompto ~One-shots\Stories. By FFXVsummoner. Final Fantasy One-Shot Stories(Requests) By AuthorMisty. 244K 6.7K 1.1K. Random and requested stories. You want a story?Content Rating: everyone. Located: Final Fantasy Games > Final Fantasy XIII: After receiving a promotion to be Jihl's right hand woman, Lightning developed a relationship with her superior. And just as she thought she'd end up on a vacation with Serah and Snow - Jihl saves her from just that. Content Tags: .