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How to restore penile sensation: 5 tips. 1. Soft touch – Men of all ages can benefit from this technique, which involves re-educating the penis to detect soft touch, rather than only responding to aggressive handling. Keeping the eyes closed and using a feather or soft piece of fabric (such as silk), or asking a partner to gently run his/her 4/5(1). Recovering lost penis sensitivity. Fortunately, there are some things a man can do to help restore the penis sensation he has lost. Here are a few sure-fire methods a guy can try: 1. Change up masturbation. Sometimes a man gets accustomed to masturbating a certain way, and that leads to certain areas of the penis that need extra stimulation.Author: Dr. Vinod Raina.

RestoreX by PathRight Medical was developed in cooperation and exclusively licensed from Mayo Clinic. To learn more about the results you can expect using RestoreX for 60-minutes per day, click here to review Preliminary Clinical Results. Foreskin restoration extends the shaft skin to recover the glans penis, to restore skin mobility, and to provide protection for the glans penis. Men who restore report greater comfort when wearing clothing, because the delicate mucosa of the glans penis is covered and protected from contact with clothing.

Anyone telling you their product is the "best way to restore" is simply just using a sales pitch to get you to buy their product. What works great for one person my not be great for everyone. Home of The original DTR. Routine circumcision negatively affects more men then I could ever imagine. Physical disfigurement and mental issues are some. So what has caused poor sensitivity to your penis? Well, obviously there are many things that could be harming your penis. Here is a list of some causes and ways you can prevent the damage and restore sensitivity. 1. The problem: Death grip / Friction exposure The main culprit here is .