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blood in my rabbits pee - Why Is My Rabbit's Urine Red? - Bleeding and Other Causes

Bloody urine in rabbits may be rare, but red urine is not. People who live with house rabbits will find this out. Diseases of Domestic Rabbits (1988) by Lieve Okerman contains two sentences on this subject: "Red colour of the urine is sometimes observed in rabbits. It is probably caused by a plant pigment and does not affect the health of the. Diagnosis of Blood in the Urine in Rabbits To determine if the urine is only tinted in color, or if actual blood is present in the urine, a urine dipstick can be purchased for home use. If there is no blood detected, and there are no other symptoms besides the color .

Nov 08, 2018 · Blood in a rabbit's urine implies there is some internal problem, so it can make us understandably worried. If you are wondering why is my rabbit's urine red?, then AnimalWised is here to help. We look into the possible presence of blood in rabbit urine, what this mean for your rabbit's health and other reasons a rabbit's urine may be red.Author: Josie F. Turner. Apr 10, 2012 · Bright red or brown pee is usually a normal thing. It sounds like you saw a dog or cat vet because a rabbit vet would know that red urine is extremely common in rabbits, as is orange and brown pee. It does not mean blood in their urine and it looks different than when blood is actually present (which IS a cause for concern).