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information seeking needs of mature students -

This study uses in-depth qualitative interviews to explore the information seeking behavior of 25 mature undergraduates at one Canadian university. It explores the complex interweaving of these students’ everyday and academic information needs in light of Reijo Savolainen’s framework for the study of everyday life information seeking.Cited by: 122. Seeking of information can be affected by different social and economic factors with personal channels and current affairs with health and good living [2, 13, 28] and can be influenced by the ICT application [1, 15]. There are certain themes which imply to understand and positive transform the information seeking habits of mature students [12].Cited by: 1.

In FUTO the major militating factor affecting information needs and seeking behaviour was inadequate information resources while in IMSU inadequate information resources, inadequate qualified librarians and lack of time to access the information resources affected the information needs and seeking behaviour of students. information seeking is not always clear.12 As an example, Given describes how students tended to turn to academic resources such as professors when they encountered non-academic needs such as finding childcare. Given also describes how mature students drew from .

Oct 13, 2014 · Mature students are anyone over the age of 21 who didn't go to university after school or college. Some might have taken gap years to volunteer and travel the world, while 40% of mature students are over 30 and have had work, mortgage, or family responsibilities. Research in information-seeking behavior, motivation, critical thinking, and learning theory was explored and compared in a search for possible motivating factors behind students' dependence on television and the Internet for their information needs.Cited by: 625.