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the fist phone - Facts About the First Telephone Ever Made and Its Inventor, Alexander Graham Bell

The Telephone Network Is Born. Bell patented his device on March 7, 1876, and the device quickly began to spread. By 1877, construction of the first regular telephone line from Boston to Somerville, Massachusetts, had been completed. By the end of 1880, there were 47,900 telephones in . You work hard for your money and at First National Bank, we’re committed to working hard for you – encouraging you to be your best. Learn more.

Jul 14, 2019 · The first mobile phone call was made by a truck driver as an experiment in the summer of 1946 from a phone weighing close to 80 pounds. The experiment was considered a success but mobile telecommunication technology was far from commonplace. The coin operated pay telephone was patented by William Gray of Hartford in 1889. The first rotary dial telephone was developed in 1923 by Antoine Barnay in France. The mobile telephone was invented by Bell Telephone Company and introduced into New York City police cars in 1924.