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The 1988 Lubbock apparition of Mary was a Marian apparition that allegedly took place at St. John Neumann Church in Lubbock, Texas, between February and August, 1988.Location: St. John Neumann Church in Lubbock, Texas. Others outside the church saw a vision of the Virgin Mary in a tree and above the church's bell tower. "Miracle at Cold Spring" interview with Reverend Smith by Monte Leach " in most of the messages - from Medjugorje and elsewhere around the world - the message is: 'Time is short. Texas (1993) An image of the Virgin Mary has appeared on a.

Considered a miracle by the church, the image became recognized throughout Mexico as Our Lady of San Juan. The devotion carried into the U.S., where, in 1949, Reverend Jose Maria Azpiazu of the San Juan, Texas parish received permission to foster a devotion to Our Lady of San Juan. The story of the Virgin Mary's "Our Lady of Guadalupe" apparitions and miracles in Guadalupe, Mexico during the year 1531. Mexico (the Guadalupe area that is near modern Mexico City), on his way to attend church. He began hearing music as he walked closer to the base of What Is the Easter Miracle of the Resurrection? Signs of the Angel.

May 21, 2018 · Some are calling it a miracle. People are coming from all over to visit a Hobbs church after hearing it's Our Lady of Guadalupe statue started to cry during mass. After placing the Virgin's image over the body of the child, the child was brought back to life. As word spread of the miracle, the devotion to Our Lady, under the title of "La Virgen de San Juan", started to grow throughout Jalisco. Today, she is recognized by many people throughout Mexico as well as .