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Getting started with ham satellites is easier than you may think! Everything you need is right here to access an FM satellite or two, monitor the ISS - and more - using equipment most ham . How to work amateur radio satellites with your handheld (HT) radiofrom moleculoon Vimeo. Because the antenna is hand held, power should be kept to less than 10 watts maximum. If mounted and away from people, maximum power is 150 watts. What is the maximum power that can be transmitted through the Arrow II Satellite Antenna?

or more FM Hand-held transceivers. And, contrary to what you might believe, you don’t need a super powerful FM transceiver with these antennas to work the birds. In fact, I (and many other amateur satellite operators) have sometimes met with success using just a simple dual-band hand-held radio and an antenna with just a bit more. Jul 21, 2019 · The Kenwood TH-D74A is a compact and lightweight high end handheld ham radio which is highly able to regard your real time location while exchanging information. The radio has an automatic clock setting feature which is accomplished through your GPS signal. This radio is 4.9/5(24).

Using a Baofeng Handheld Transceiver to work Amateur Radio Satellites (AMSAT) I’m a brand new ham as of October 2017, and I had a really fun experience listening to RadFxSat Fox-1B AO-91 yesterday. Here’s how that went, in case anybody else wants to listen in, and maybe try to transmit—on their Baofeng handheld. Dec 24, 2015 · An ordinary handheld FM transceiver (HT) with an antenna that provides a bit of directional gain is usually all you need to work a satellite and contact other amateur operators. A handheld Yagi attached to a 5 watt HT radio is the typical starting setup for most hams seeking satellite .