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Oct 02, 2018 · Fibroadenoma of Breast. Medically reviewed by Christina Chun, MPH on August 23, 2017 — Written by Jaime Herndon. Finding a lump in your breast can be a scary experience, but not all lumps and tumors are cancerous. One type of benign (noncancerous) tumor is called a fibroadenoma. While not life-threatening, a fibroadenoma may still require treatment.Author: Jaime Herndon. Symptoms. Other times, a doctor may notice a fibroadenoma before you do, either during a routine physical or a mammogram or other scan. Unlike breast cancer, a fibroadenoma does not cause nipple discharge, swelling, redness, or skin irritation around the breast.

Breast cancer is also more likely to have an irregular, lumpy body compared to the smoother, well-defined border of a typical fibroadenoma [3].Discomfort: Though they do not cause systemic symptoms or impair function, a fibroadenoma can cause local discomfort. It is less common for a fibroadenoma itself to be painful, though tenderness does sometimes occur around the time of menstruation. Oct 16, 2018 · Most fibroadenomas aren’t associated with an increase in breast cancer risk. However, there appears to be a slight increase in risk with a “complex fibroadenoma.” This is a fibroadenoma that includes one or more of the following benign elements: cysts larger than 3 millimeters; sclerosing adenosis ; epithelial calcifications ; or papillary apocrine change.