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Treating Engorgement of Sore Swollen Breast. Apply a cold compress to the breast after feeding to decrease pain and swelling. Put a cold cabbage leaf against your breast for a few minutes. It is believed that the cabbage gives off enzymes that ease engorgement, but this is not scientifically proven. Drops of milk may leak from your breasts for weeks after delivery. Breast engorgement may also occur. Your breasts may feel hard to the touch. You may see swelling and feel pressure, discomfort, or pain for up to 10 days after delivery. Breast swelling can cause you to get a fever and have muscle aches. Although engorgement can be uncomfortable, it helps your body decrease breast milk production.

Sore Breast that Is Not Cyclical. Most of the time, the causes behind non-cyclical breast pain isn’t clear. However, it can be caused by other medical conditions such as: Mastitis: This condition is related to breastfeeding. It leads to painful, swollen breast tissues. Jul 16, 2019 · A low breast milk supply: If the swelling is not relieved, and your baby can't latch on, your breast milk will not be removed. When breast milk stays inside your breasts, it doesn't stimulate the production of more breast milk which can put your milk supply at risk.

A plugged, or clogged, duct is a sore, tender lump or knotty area in the breast. It occurs when a milk duct is not draining well, and inflammation builds up. The area may be warm to the touch and red, and if it is located in a duct close to the surface of the skin, you may be able to feel it distinctly with your fingers. Breast pain should be differentiated from soreness or tenderness of the breast. Pain usually indicates serious pathology that needs to be investigated and treated. Breast pain may be referred to other areas on the body like the axillae (armpits), abdomen, neck and back. Causes of Swollen Breasts. Symptoms associated with the following conditions may not be present with every case of breast swelling.