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The American Cancer Society has programs and services to help people with cancer and their loved ones understand cancer, manage their lives through treatment and recovery, and find the emotional support they need. And best of all, our help is free. Whether you or a loved one are worried about developing breast cancer, have just been diagnosed, are going through breast cancer treatment, or are trying to stay well after treatment, this detailed information can help you find the answers you need.

Through The Breast Cancer Charities of America’s Help Now Fund Quarterly Grant, we are committed to helping minimize the financial burdens that come with breast cancer by providing financial support to patients undergoing active treatment, so that they may focus on recovery and survivorship. Many people and organizations are ready to help you handle breast cancer, including clinical trials and support groups. Tap into these breast cancer resources.

"I was inspired by women in my community who I had seen battle breast cancer. Their strength inspired me to want to help women all around to become aware and to help women win their battle with breast cancer. NBCF was a great help with that and has continued to support me greatly." Elaina Diamond NBCF Fundraiser. Join Game Pink. Game Pink is bringing together gamers, streamers, developers, and publishers on a mission to help women and families impacted by breast cancer.