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Center for Restorative Breast Surgery specializes in a variety of advanced breast reconstruction techniques in New Orleans. Learn more on our website. No matter where you’re from, you deserve the best breast reconstruction options and care available. To that end, The Omega Breast Center works to ensure that your travel to New Orleans will be perfectly coordinated with your transportation, lodging, and medical appointments.

Our New Orleans Breast Reconstruction specialists use various methods of breast reconstruction to build the breasts to a shape and size that women can be happy with. They commonly uses the Diep Flap technique, as well as the implant-based, lap dorsi, tram, and other effective methods.5/5(15). If you have undergone a mastectomy, you deserve results from breast reconstruction that look and feel as natural as possible. Our New Orleans and Metairie practices are proud to offer what we consider to be the best method of breast reconstruction currently available: DIEP flap breast reconstruction.5/5(15).

Oct 22, 2017 · DIEP flap breast reconstruction uses the skin and fat from the lower abdomen in order to shape the new breast. Because muscle tissue is spared in DIEP flap breast reconstruction, the procedure is not as invasive as older methods, and it involves a recovery period similar to a tummy tuck.5/5(13). Restore the Shape and Structure of Your Breasts with Breast Reconstruction in New Orleans! Many women experience the loss of a breast or breast tissue as a result of illness. At Metairie Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Trey Sands specializes in multiple surgical procedures, including breast reconstruction. Many of these procedures can either be performed immediately after [ ].