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Breast Augmentation Can Provide the Fuller, Rounder Look You Desire. If you would like to enhance your bust line with breast augmentation, our practices, serving Long Island, Manhattan, Woodbury, The Hamptons and Boca Raton, FL areas can deliver the results you desire.. Breast augmentation is a very common plastic surgical procedure that is designed to enlarge (and if necessary, lift) the breasts.5/5(39). Breast Augmentation, breast enhancement with implants, is one of our breast surgeons most popular services - NYC, Manhattan, Long Island, New York.

Breast Augmentation Recovery. Following breast augmentation with implants, your surgeon will call in the evening to ensure you feel well and answer any questions you may have. Moving forward, follow-up visits are typically scheduled for one week, two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, six weeks, three months, six months, and one year after the. Breast augmentation candidates include women who feel their breasts are too small, women who have experienced a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy, or women with breasts that do not match in size or shape. Breast augmentation is a common choice after pregnancy and breastfeeding, when breasts often lose their original and youthful look.

Dr. Adam Kolker is a top plastic surgeon in New York City providing plastic surgery and some of the best breast augmentation NYC & Manhattan have to offer. Breast Augmentation. Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that enhances the size and contour of a woman’s breasts. At body SCULPT ®, an established plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, NYC, we offer breast augmentation using a variety of techniques.Our plastic surgeons focus on providing women with customized treatment plans to achieve their unique goals*.