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-Western painting features realistic perspective, which means a painting is drawn in the viewpoint of a painter. Therefore, the farthest object from a viewer is naturally thought to be at the head.-In contrast, Asian painting is out of perspective. A lot of paintings show all people with the same height. Western Asia: countries quiz. Click on an area on the map to answer the questions. If you are signed in, your score will be saved and you can keep track of your progress.

This quiz is to test whether you're a true Asian or not:) If you're Asian, defintitely take this quiz. If not, take it anyways:) It's fun. Take this quiz! First of all, what is your ethnicity? Both are your parents are from Asia. You own a rice cooker and you use it almost everyday. Your parents are strict. You've watched lots of Anime. You always get A's/B's on your "report" You play Violin. Asian vs. Western Education. Its standardized testing scores lag far behind Asian countries. Their science and math levels are also considered to be far below the average Asian scale. In fact the American students lag behind 31 countries in math and 16 countries in reading proficiency. On the other hand, the Asian education system, to a great extent, Author: Kiddy123.Com.

Western Mindset: You have qualities of a Western mindset! From your answers you showed that you see the world from a perspective similar to most Western people. A Western mindset tends to break things down into parts and look at them individually, while an Asian mindset often looks at Author: Symeon (Hiatus). Arabs, Kurds, Persians, Azerbaijanis, Anatolian Turks are listed as the main ethnic groups in this category. There are hundreds of smaller ethnic groups that are much smaller from the area. If you took the test on 23andMe or Ancestry there is a ti.