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Apr 03, 2018 · These non-latex condoms are available in drugstores all over, so you can rest easy knowing non-latex options are readily available. They're made with polyisoprene, which is Author: Carina Hsieh. Non Latex Condoms at Walgreens. View current promotions and reviews of Non Latex Condoms and get free shipping at $35.

May 23, 2019 · When comparing the effectiveness of latex versus polyurethane condoms, while non-latex condoms are not equal in effectiveness as latex condoms (in regards to preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases), according to the Planned Parenthood organization, they are a suitable substitute for individuals with latex allergies. Condoms must go through a series of durability tests before they can be sold. However, condom companies do not test condoms for the wet conditions, heat, or chemicals found in pools and hot tubs. Condom companies point out that there has not been any research done on how effective condoms are when used in water.

Dec 11, 2007 · Best Answer: If there are chemicals in the hot tub, they can damage the condoms and make them more likely to break. The water washes away the spermicide and lubricants. The heat can also damage the condoms. Your best bet is to avoid a hot tub tryst unless you are on another form of birth control, too (and you are both clean and monogomous).Status: Open. Non latex or latex free condoms are the condoms of choice for latex sensitive users. If you are allergic to latex then polyurethane or Polyisoprene condoms are for you. Latex free condoms also are heat conductive (they warm to body temperature) enhancing sensitivity, unlike .