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hr people suck - 5 Surprising Reasons Why Employees Hate HR

Nov 15, 2016 · Why do so many people hate Human Resource departments? (self.OutOfTheLoop) submitted 2 years ago * by SkinOfOak. Never had one at any of my places of work. Why do so many people hate them? As a Human Resources manager, this is mostly correct. My responsibility is to protect the company, first and foremost. Then it is to protect the employee. Now, this is an extreme example that I know makes most HR people cringe. But it illustrates the key reason why HR sucks at recruiting. Recruiting is an outward-facing, strategic exercise where the hiring company is competing to attract the best people.Author: Robert Hatta.

Jan 06, 2012 · Do you view HR as the enemy, doing recognizance for Corporate? Or do you see your HR rep as Michael Scott did Toby--someone who tries to suck the fun out of the office? While human resources teams Author: Amy Levin-Epstein. Why HR People Suck As Coaches – a DisruptHR talk by Sarah Eppink – Principal & Founder of Aisling Group LLC DisruptHR Cleveland 7.0 – August 10, 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio #DisruptHRcle.

So why does human resources do such a bad job — and how can we fix it? HR people are, for most practical purposes, neither strategic nor leaders. I don’t care for Las Vegas. And if it’s Author: Fast Company Staff. Sound familiar? Of course it does, you aren’t the only one out there with people problems. It can literally suck at your will to live. I started People People because I was truly sick and tired of being pigeonholed into life-draining HR compliance stuff when I knew that the people of a business are the true drivers.