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We currently have three TRANSITIONS Day Treatment and Training Adult (DTA) programs. Two are located in Tempe, AZ and one is located in Glendale, AZ. At all three DTA programs, we aim to build upon the knowledge our attendees have to promote self sufficiency in a fun way. Transition To Adulthood. The Transition to Adulthood Program is for young adults between the ages of 16 and 21 who need help preparing for the future. In addition to working with former and current foster care teens, we also assist adolescents with behavioral health conditions.

with the children’s provider or transition to the adult behavioral health service provider. The importance of securing representation from the adult service provider in this process cannot be overstated, regardless of the person’s identified behavioral health category assignment (SMI, General Mental Health, Substance Abuse). receive adult services from a different department or provider, the CFT must invite the adult service providers into the team no later than thmonths prior to the youth’s 18six birthday to begin the process of developing the ACT. • Youth planning to receive adult services from a different provider upon turning .

The Arizona Young Adult Program has many services and opportunities available to help foster youth develop the skills and connections necessary to make a smooth transition to adulthood. The program does require that the services provided complement the foster youth’s .