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trained adult german shepherd dogs sale - German Shepherd Adult Dogs for Sale

German Shepherd Dogs For Sale. Trained Adult German Shepherds can be a wonderful asset, family companion and protector for your home. The dogs you see listed on this page have handled and professionally trained to meet the needs of a family and/or working environment. We believe in "Real Life" training and preparing our dogs for success. Fully-Trained Personal Protection Dogs For Sale. For over 30 years the focus of our business has been placing fully-trained adult personal protection dogs with families & individuals like yours. Our dogs are first selected from Europe’s competitive working dog competitions.

Adult trained German Shepherds for sale have a significantly higher value than trained German Shepherd puppies. However, they are a wonderful asset to people who are not able to put in the time necessary to train a dog or raise a puppy. Hundreds of training hours are needed before a dog can pass the stringent requirements of a training degree. Jan 30, 2019 · Jimmy trained German Shepherd Male for sale. Jimmy trained German Shepherd Male for sale is medium sized and has super black and brown color. He has excellent bone strengths and substance matching his body size perfectly. Playful dog, very social. Advanced off leash obedience trained, follows commands fast and reliable.

This page lists trained german shepherd puppies for sale by Hayes Haus Kennels in West Newbury, MA. We offer shipping to select states and countries around the world for these trained puppies. Please note: availability for this year is extremely limited. Amazing female German Shepherd for sale $ 10,000.00 Inquire about this dog. Bia, pronounced (v-ee-ah), stands for the Greek Goddess of power, mischief and raw energy. Bia is an 18 month old, full AKC registered, high drive and friendly German Shepherd. This beautiful showline female is trained in on and off leash obedience and protection.