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Give the adult adoptee: a file-stamped copy of your Original Petition for Adoption of an Adult, and. a blank Consent of Adult Subject to Adoption (Set A), and. a completed Decree of Adoption of an Adult form.. Ask the adult adoptee to complete these steps: (1) FILL OUT and SIGN the . When the Texas adoption is completed, the child will have the following benefits: Two legal parents active in the child’s life, a new birth certificate, the ability to inherit from adoptive parent, and a new name (if desired). Adopting an Adult in Texas. Adoption is the same legal .

An adult adoption can be granted in Texas without listing any “ respondent ” parties. Because the person to be adopted is an adult, there is no requirement to give notice of the adoption to the adult’s biological parents or to bring in the adult’s biological parents as parties to the case. Sec. 162.507. EFFECT OF ADOPTION. (a) The adopted adult is the son or daughter of the adoptive parents for all purposes. (b) The adopted adult is entitled to inherit from and through the adopted adult's adoptive parents as though the adopted adult were the biological child of the adoptive parents.

Adult Adoption In Texas. There are a few particular reasons why an adult in Texas might seek to adopt another adult individual. These reason may include the adoptee requires a custody or guardian or the adult desires the adoptee to inherit from the adult’s will or trust. Sep 20, 2018 · The Vital Statistics Unit's Adoption Team works with attorneys and district clerks to process adoptions in Texas. Attorneys or district clerks in need of sample adoption-related documents may view our list of forms. Note: Because each situation is different, specialists must review every application to determine its acceptability. Applicants.