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Two teeth occupying one spot in your puppy's mouth. This can cause the adult tooth to come in crooked, possibly causing later problems. Spots of blood on your dog's toys, brown tartar on the teeth, or gums that are bleeding, inflamed, and/or sore. The teeth are arranged as upper and lower dental arches. Many teeth are so placed in the jaw that they fail to meet or else overlap or protrude between adjacent teeth laying opposite to them. The function of these non-occlusal or imperfectly occluding teeth is to grasp, puncture, or shear things like food or foe.

There’s enough to think about and keep track of when caring for a puppy—feeding, walking, training, housebreaking (and don’t forget playtime!)—that you might not give their teeth a whole lot of thought. But in their first eight months or so, puppies will develop two sets of teeth, and there. Baby teeth are also known as primary, puppy, deciduous, or milk teeth. Both dogs and cats are born without any teeth. By 3 to 4 weeks the baby teeth erupt.By 6 to 7 months of age, the adult teeth set beneath the baby teeth push the baby set out.

Dec 15, 2010 · They start losing teeth at varios ages, rough play and chewing may cause teeth to fall out prematurely. Most not all start somewhere in the 3-4 month range. The molars are usually some of the last to come out so most of the other teeth are probably already be adult teeth. Especially with the smaller teeth you don't always notice them popping out. He may become more apprehensive, shy and timid around new people. His puppy coat will begin to be replaced with his adult coat, beginning along the spine. About this time his adult teeth will be coming in and your pup will start chewing everything he can get his mouth around.