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Sometimes wording can make all the difference. A phrase like “adults only” sounds a bit less negative than “no kids allowed.” Add an explanation. You’ll avoid questions later if you pre-emptively explain your reasons in your invitation’s message to guests. Jan 04, 2010 · I recd an invitation recently that had "Adults Only" at the RSVP spot AND said "Leave the kids at home; this party is for adults." It said something about wine and cheese. It also reinforced the message with choice of design -- a dark-colored invite with pix of cocktails and a guy in a tux.

“Due to limited venue space, adults only please.” “Due to budget/space limitations, we are unable to extend the invitation to children.” “Although we love your children, we regretfully cannot accommodate them at the venue due to restricted numbers.” “Although we adore your children, due to budget/space constraints we ask that only. Invitations by Dawn offers exceptional stationery with a custom look for a fabulous price. Find save the dates, wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations and more. Plus our experts give top-notch advice like helping you word your adults-only wedding invitations. Check out these wording .

Everyone deserves a birthday party no matter the age. Start off your fun filled adult party with one of our Birthday invitations. Stuck on what to say to make for a memorable invitation, we are here to help. Listed below are examples of our Adult Birthday Invitation Wording to help you come up with the exact phrase you want to use. If you don’t plan to have an enclosure card sent along with your invitation, here is the proper wording for wedding Invitations that let your guests know your event is going to be an adults-only affair: Casual wording sample for an adults-only wedding affair: Christina Marshall and Randy Howe. request your presence at their marriageAuthor: Shutterfly.