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Course Syllabus Nursing Care of Patients with Major Adult Health Problems II NOTE: Faculty reserves the right to amend the contents of this syllabus. Students will be advised of any changes in a timely manner. This syllabus may not be reproduced without the permission of the Course Coordinator and the Program Director. Provides foundational nursing concepts to provide Christian caring for older adult individuals experiencing health promotion needs and health alterations. Emphasis is placed on analysis of patient data and use of clinical judgment to formulate, implement, and evaluate outcomes for a whole-person plan of care. Please review the syllabus and.

COURSE INFORMATION Textbook(s) Required: Eliopoulos, C. (2013). Gerontological nursing (8th ed.). Collaborate with other healthcare professionals and patients to provide appropriate health promotion and disease/injury prevention interventions. Exam dates are listed in each course syllabus, and the student is expected to be present for. older adult population. Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the learner will: 1. Apply knowledge from liberal arts, nursing science and related disciplines for health promotion and risk reduction in the care of older adults. 2. Apply the process of assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, intervention and.

Health assessment is a comprehensive course teaching how to obtain subjective data (client's health history), and perform objective data (physical examination skills, health promotion techniques, and clinical assessment tools). Use research findings to formulate nursing approaches to and decisions about potential and actual physiological and psychosocial stressors that affect the older adult. Collaborate with clients and other health professionals in the care of older adults. Discuss political, legislative, and policy issues affecting the health of older adults.