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Best Diaper Subscription Boxes. Here are the best diaper subscription boxes that any mom, dad, or person in that family that has a baby needs to subscribe to this month especially if they want to save money this month. Plus, these also make great gifts for new parents! 1. Parasol. Aug 05, 2011 · Many adults use diaper services. Cloth is a good option in your situation. Talk it over with them to find out if they can supply you. As far as "ick factor", I do know that they are washed just like hospital linens. I talked to a diaper service (which I couldn't' use due to sizing issues) and they assured me by showing me what I would get.

Dec 12, 2004 · I haven't used the cloth diaper service for adults, but was so fortunate enough to get the service for 2 years for my child! Awesome present I assure you! The thing I noticed is that the first year went well as long as I was very attentive to changing, then after about the 1 1/2 mark my child started getting rashes the moment after urinating. “ We are extremely pleased with Mother Nature's Diaper Service. We have been customers for two and a half years and now have two children wearing their diapers. Dan's delivery service is exceptional; he returned to our home one snowy Friday evening just so we would have the correct size diapers for .

Dec 02, 2011 · Using a Diaper Service- Yes, They Do Still Exist! by Kim Rosas. Once upon a time the only way to diaper your baby was in cloth. Before washing machines were common in the home you either had to handwash or you could use a diaper service. Once disposable diapers became the norm and pushed cloth diapers out of mainstream life, the diaper service. Baby Diaper Service Pricing: Our cotton diapers are rented in increments of ten, and the amount can be changed at any time. For a newborn baby, we recommend at least 70 cotton diapers a week. We have found that starting off with Yellow stitch-sized diapers in the first few weeks can be advantageous.