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Clearly everyone can speak their native language fluently, which they learned as a child, but loads of people have trouble getting a grasp on a second language (or third if they grew up bilingual). So it must be that children are the perfect language learners, and all adults can hope for is to achieve some fraction of their success, right?Author: Alex Breeden. Adult language learners are goal oriented and direct their learning to fulfill particular needs or demands: to advance their studies, to progress up the career ladder, to follow business opportunities, to pass a driving test, to assist their.

Teaching Adult Second Language Learners addresses the needs of adults studying English. It provides a useful summary of the principles involved in teaching adults as well as a wealth of activities specifically designed for adult learners.Cited by: 21. Second Language Acquisition in Adults: From Research to Practice. Donna Moss, National Center for ESL Literacy Education. Lauren Ross-Feldman, Georgetown University. December, 2003. Second language acquisition (SLA) is the study of how second languages are learned and the factors that influence the process.