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The Adult Learning Disabilities certificate program provides high quality, relevant course work that prepares participants to more effectively serve adults with learning disabilities. Benefits A core body of knowledge, skills and practice in adult learning disabilities. University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England; further graduate study: In essence, there are many possibilities and opportunities for adults with LD adult learning disabilities certificate of achievement csu be successful in myriad ways, despite a past spotted with failure and dire prediction of future problems Gerber, They yearn for independence, love, and acknowledgement.

Learning Disability assessment reports MUST include: An IQ Test and an Achievement Test, both administered at the adult learning level. WAIS-R (in lieu of a WAIS-R, two WISC-III tests that are correlated within 15 IQ points of each other may be acceptable).Author: Jenna Johnson. Participants must complete all three courses to earn a Certificate of Academic Achievement. Those who do not wish to earn a certificate are encouraged to enroll in one or more courses individually for professional development, preparation for certification exams, or to earn continuing education units toward re-licensing.

Gordon Pershey, M. (2012). Visual Expression by Persons with Autism. Cleveland State University Faculty Scholarship Initiative. Walden, P.R., & Gordon Pershey, M. (2011). An Adult Learning Approach to Supervision in Speech-Language Pathology: Supervisor and Supervisee Perceptions and Outcomes. Browse Adult Learning Disabilities Program: Certificate of Academic Achievement (Education) at California State University, Sacramento | United States-USA.