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Players draw and place a tile on their turn. Depending on the tile and location placed, the player will then have the option of adding a meeple to their tile, and hopeful earn many points. This game has a huge following, is easy to learn, and has many expansions so players can add to or customize their game play. Number of Players: 2−5. Jan 17, 2013 · We really like Spot-It. It’s nice because it’s a game that can also be played with young kids (we play with our 4 year old and just make a rule to slow us down that we have to find – without saying it – what the matching symbol on her card is before we can find ours) or with a larger group, but works just as well with just 2 players.

Adult. Child. Teen. Toddler. Tween. Infant. Senior. See more lifestages. Game Type. Classic Games. Two-player Board Games. Showing 40 of 4714 results that match your query. Search Product Result. Monster Factory Board Game, Players: 2 to 6 By Rio Grande . Dec 10, 2015 · A card game of strategy, memory and misdirection. 2 pack includes a Blue/Red Deck and a Green/Purple Deck. Each deck contains 50 cards. Good for 4 players. Ages 5+. A new spin on classic strategy games like Checkers, and Chess. You can play each game with more than 2 people! Form 2 vs 2 team games with the included 2 decks. Easy to learn 10 4.4/5(127).

2 player games cover many different gaming genres for kids and adults like card games, sports games and war games. You can play a relaxing game of Uno with your family, huddled around the same computer. Or you can invite a friend to join you by simply sending him a link to your 2 player game. Crokinole is a dexterity type of family board game for 2 players or 4 players playing in teams of two. The game consists of a 65 to 80 cm in diameter board, depending of the model, 3 concentric rings and a shallow hole in the middle (target hole). On the inner circle, there are 8 small bumpers or pegs which make it difficult to place your discs.