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An adult changing table provides safer transfers, comfortable positioning, and a secure space for caregivers to aid weakened or disabled adults who may need assistance with incontinence problems or getting dressed. Offering a great solution for assisting disabled individuals in the daily living task of changing clothes and adult diapers, an adult changing table also helps to reduce the. Adult changing tables are an indispensable aid to weakened and disabled adults and their caregivers. For adults who manage mobility limitations or incontinence, they provide a safe, sanitary, and comfortable space for assisted changing. Learn more about changing tables .

Patient Safety carries a variety of adult changing tables, also called nursing tables or nursing benches. Made by Pressalit, a leader in mobility devices and home modification for the disabled, our adult changing stations help to keep both the caregiver and the . May 05, 2017 · NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Sabrina Kimball, founder of Universal Changing Places, an organization that advocates for public areas to have adult changing tables for .

Electric Changing Table This Electric Changing Table with Dark Blue upholstery is part of a range of excellent changing tables that have been designed and built to the highest of standards and are suited for environments such as specialist schools or places where people require regular hygiene. An adult changing table is a convenient and safe way for caretakers to assist individuals who may be unable to fully care for themselves. Many disabled individuals may only be able to support businesses that equip their facilities with adult changing tables.