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Erotic Spanking - How to Properly Paddle That Posterior. For those of you who were brought up in a time or household where switches, belts, and wooden spoons were a common form of punishment, it’s understandable why the idea of spanking would be a total turn off. Jun 20, 2018 · I think more people are into spanking than will admit to as it is still a little taboo. However I think the majority of women do get spanked on a fairly routine basis.

He keeps a steady pace — equal intervals between spanks — which occasionally syncs up with the steadfast tick of a grandfather clock in the corner. While neither an M.D. nor a Ph.D. — nor any D, for that matter — Dr. Don explains he’s a “Spankologist,” or an expert in adult male spanking. “People who have spanked for as many. Positively Spanking offers a different approach to discipline. I do not condone spanking children and believe spanking play and corporal punishment should only happen between consenting adults. I hope to shatter the negative stigma that has unfortunately been associated with consensual adult spanking.

Over the knee spanking, caning, paddling. Videos by Category: OTK Spanking. A spanking given to produce and/or intensify romantic feelings between spanker and spankee. Special Occasion A spanking given, usually in celebration, for a special event. Birthday spankings are an example of these. Unique / Colloquial.